Halki Diabetes Remedy Review

No one will argue with you if you claim that the diabetic community is one of the most financially abused communities in modern times. The amount that they are forced to pay on an annual basis is staggering coming in at about $16,750 according to the American Diabetes Association.

The way that big pharma companies have priced their medication leaves diabetics struggling to even afford the tools they need to survive.

It’s because of this extreme price hike that has occurred in recent years, that diabetes is becoming closer to a fatal disease for those affected by it.

Testimonies like that of Eric Whitfield, the founder of the Halki Diabetes Remedy, and his wife are all too common as diabetics are left on their own to suffer the aches and pains of diabetes without proper access to the medication they need.

I myself have plenty of family members who struggle with the costs of diabetic medication. If they lose their insurance or their means of income, they’ll be left without a way to survive.

Diabetic medication is necessary to live for millions of Americans, yet it’s one of the most expensive industries, all because of big phrama price hikes.

What is the Halki Diabetes Remedy?

It’s because of this egregious price gouging that has occurred that we see more and more independent workers and entrepreneurs working to develop their own affordable method of medication.

If you’ve been searching for new and exciting remedy to protect yourself from type 2 diabetes, chances are you’ve come across the Halki Diabetes Remedy. But what exactly is the remedy?

The website that hosts the remedy and portrays the information regarding it can be difficult to understand, so let’s break it down a bit. Essentially, this remedy is a compilation of recipes and testimonies that attest to the success of the process.

Eric Whitfield’s main goal with this book was to provide diabetics and their families with a chance to escape the grips of type 2 diabetes and the constant paying for medications and resources. His wife went through a diabetic coma and from that point forward, he wanted to create a new way to medicate that could eliminate diabetes forever from the body.

After years of research, Eric discovered a possible cause of diabetes as well as a possible solution to that cause which he now bases the whole remedy around.

A Book of Recipes

While this book is much more than just recipes, it is a major aspect of the overall product. Without the recipes available, this book would simply be testimonies are stories that lead to no remedy.

The recipes in this book are the remedy, and much of the hype that is surrounding this product lies in them.

So, what exactly are these recipes that Whitfield is promoting as the cure to diabetes? That’s where the Halki name comes into play.

Halki is an island in the Aegean Sea that is relatively remote. They have become much more of tourist destination in recent years, but the ancient recipes and traditions are still present.

Whitfield, after conducting much of his own research and consulting with his co-founder Amanda Feerson, has found ingredients in Halki recipes that specifically combat the toxins present in PM2.5. His main recipes are two sauces that are great for salads and can act as a dressing, and an herbal tea.

Each of these recipes are healthy and delicious. Regardless of combating type 2 diabetes, the taste of the sauces and tea make the book well worth the low cost.

Fighting Against PM2.5

This is what Eric Whitfield determines to be the big bad guy of the remedy. The idea is that diabetes is caused by toxins that are found everywhere – the air, the water, utensils we use, etc. As our bodies continuously ingest these toxins, our cells are being broken down, and we become weaker, allowing type 2 diabetes to take hold.

The most prevalent toxin that he talks about is PM2.5 which stands for particulate matter and has a diameter of about 2.5 micrometers.

PM2.5 is found almost everywhere. If you put a piece of human hair under a microscope, you’ll be able to see evidence of the toxin being present.

According to Whitfield, the best way to combat this toxin is through a very specific intake of certain ingredients which he goes into in the recipes section of his book. This can be achieved through the sauces he mentions or the anti-toxin tea he offers.

As someone who knows plenty of family members struggling with type 2 diabetes, the idea of simply making a dressing or tea and curing diabetes is definitely appealing. But, and this is the question many experts are asking, does this remedy actually work?

Can this Remedy End Your Type 2 Diabetes?

Results may vary unfortunately. Many who have used this product claim that it does have the ability to cure you of type 2 diabetes, but it doesn’t seem to be a universal conclusion.

The recipes in this book certainly do have the ability to rid your body of toxins and chemicals that aren’t healthy for you, but not everyone will experience the complete cleansing of type 2 diabetes.

Research and references from Amanda Feerson do provide a sturdy ground on which the claims this product makes can be based. The research they have done is reassuring and provides you with an exciting new way to combat your type 2 diabetes.

Pros and Cons

Overall, this is a quality remedy that offers some exciting hope for those with type 2 diabetes. Should it be utilized on its own? The research and scientific backing behind this product say probably not. Is it a good product to try out in conjunction with continued exercises and dieting? Most definitely.

The recipes in this book are unique and tasty and the ingredient do go a long way in promoting cell regrowth. Many customers who have utilized this method do say they have experienced a difference. With over 30,000 testimonies, something must be working with this product.


  • Affordable price
  • Delicious recipes
  • Healthy ingredients
  • Combats the presence of toxins within the body
  • Exciting new method of diabetes treatment


  • Not much scientific backing yet
  • Doesn’t replace exercise and dieting

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